A brand new trio project, check it out !!!


The new Zygomatik CD is mixed and mastered.
Now printing!

The new Zygomatik CD “Cattitude” is mixed and sounds GREAT.
Mastering will be done by Dan Dean, can’t wait to hear the result.

The new Zygomatik CD will be mixed by Floyd Reitsma in Seattle

Floyd also mixed and fixed the previous album, so it was a logical choice to ask him again, and he agrees!
In case you didn’t know: he’s famous from recording and mixing Pearl Jam records, indeed…

Zygomatik finished the recordings for the 2nd album

We recorded another 2 new tunes and some extra takes for the new CD with Jeroen & Vincent.
Very happy, thanks again guys!


The Lieven Cambré & Piet Verbist Quartet is a FACT

We have payed 5 gigs with Bram Weijters on piano and Toon Van Dionant on drums, tha
was great, and we are planning to do more of that, so we’ll keep you posted.

Zygomatik went to the studio…

And recorded already 6 tunes for the new CD with Jeroen & Vincent. It sounds great!!!
Thanks guys!

Zygomatik performed with Jeroen Van Herzeele & Vincent Brijs

watch a video from The Pale Blue Dot

The recording with Jaclyn Guillou @ Jet Studio’s sounds great!

The Chad McCullough/Bram Weijters quartet is invited to play in Krasnodar, Russia

click here for more info: cmbwquartet.com

Recording coming up for a first CD of Guy Vaerendonck

“The Guy Tones”. Check his website for more info here.

A picture from the concert on 16/09/12 at De Muze (Heusden) featuring Jasper Blom on tenor sax.